CRONY SQ-669 Quran Speaker with Wireless Contral

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listened to the recitation and interpretation of the Koran full
voice clear and pure
choice Surah number to run the Koran
* Sahih Bukhari _ true Moslem_ fortress Amuslim_ Spell Acharaah_ Al Qaeda Alnoranih_ 40 Hadit_ interpretation of the Koran.
* Repeat feature.
*teaching the prayer.
* Reading the Holy Quran by the sheikhs.
* The Holy Quran translated to more than one language.
* Translation of any ay.
* FM radio
* USB flash memory input.
* Mobile memory input.
Remote control for remote control.
* The connection can be answered from earphone via bluetooth feature.
* Contains lighting.
* The headset can be used to play audio through Bluetooth.

al quran al karim  mp3 digital holy quran player light speaker SQ-669

Product Description

The SQ169 is the newest model for quran speaker. it have larger voice . and all the function can through click the option on the speaker. and u also can use the remote to control it . it is the wall speaker . it let learning Quran more easily.

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